Thread regarding Time Warner Inc. layoffs

You have to love the "exciting" camp when it comes to this deal. You really believe Randall is untested in keeping you around?

I'm amazed how delusional some seem about this acquisition with terms like "exciting" I mean unless by exciting you mean how you will be in constant fear and stress of the enevitable Tuesday morning teleconference meeting announcing layoffs and closures. The rest of us we know how it really is. Randall is not interested in how good you are at what you do because whatever that is it's already getting ready to be automated, cut, or sent overseas. Mr. Randall has realized that the DTV purchase even if you believe the lie that that was for "content" is already a failure so this scramble for additional "content" with a purchase that gets T closer to bottoming out is a desperate attempt to save face. Here is the problem Randall your chasing a future tha assumes people still want to sit down and watch television weather under a cable set top box or streaming through an app. Well here is the bad news, they don't. The baby boomers that are to old to care about an app and still want regular "cable" tv are on their way out, their kids are more willing to adapt to apps but their kids and anyone else born after could care less about live tv and even live sports. Just look at the NFL ratings they aren't dropping because of some quarter backs protests ( seriously this is the nfls excuse lol) they are dropping because live tv is an out dated medium and even if someone did want to watch their team they can't unless they pay for a bunch of crap they don't need and what does it buy them? A first class seat to one the worst customer serviced toxic brands in existence. Do you really think people enjoy the giant att globe booting up every time they turn on their television? That right there probably motivates people even more to just drop tv all together. The age of cord cutting is here and it's picking up more and more momentum you have new generations of people growing up with online content of all types from news to videos and are perfectly happy and those same kids will grow up with no free access to sports on tv like their parents and grandparents and so they will have no vested interest in a team and therefore no need to pay for paywalled sports attached to bloated tv and app packages. Everyone who has cord cut will tell you that they know how to watch anything and everything for nothing all you need is a good internet speed something att isn't even willing to invest serously in anymore. Now you have to wonder how is it no one at the top has realized this cord cutting apocalypse? Well Randall they actually have and they are the same people that sold you DTV and are so willing to let go of Time Warner inc to you.

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