Thread regarding Cabela's Inc. layoffs

TD Ameritrade ceo says what bass pro won't

TD Ameritrade and Omaha appear to have come out winners in the derby to consolidate the online brokerage industry.

The Omaha-based company’s $2.7 billion buyout Monday of St. Louis-based rival Scottrade Financial Services is expected to lead to no job losses in the metro area. Such deals are always predicated on saving money by eliminating duplicate departments and employees.

But in this case, it is St. Louis that will suffer. TD Ameritrade Chief Executive Tim Hockey told The World-Herald on Monday that he expects no staffing changes in Omaha and that St. Louis will bear the job losses, with headquarters positions falling by more than half to between 500 and 1,000 in the next two years.

“I can assure everyone we will be very fair and generous,” Hockey said, referring to severance payments and job-placement assistance for Scottrade employees.

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Comparing Sidney to St Louis is apples to oranges. BP management however has said that they don't know how things will shake out and that details are scarce. That is a crock. They know, jsut don't want to say.

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I made it 20 months there before I said gotta go, bye. I didn't care if I had to pay a portion of the upfront money for moving and a signing bonus either for leaving 4 months early. Never did have to, but I would have in a heartbeat.

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Apples to oranges. St. Louis and Omaha are not Sidney. Cabela's had struggled for years to recruit quality employee who were willing to uproot and live in the middle of no where. A town where employees in the 'outdoor industry' had to travel for three hours in any direction in order to camp, hike, fish or hunt. A town completely devoid of any sort of cultural activity or diversity. Why would Bass Pro set themselves up for more years of the same struggle to find/keep employees? It wouldn't make sense to.

And let's not kid ourselves. An employee of Bass pro corporate or Cabela's corporate doesn't have to actually be into the 'outdoors'. These are OFFICE folk. Accountants, buyers, HR etc. Companies are better able to fill these positions if they are located in a more populous area. Areas where their employees can partake in a greater variety of activities outside of their work hours. Areas where there is more to do besides tend their lawn.

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