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These job cuts come right on schedule

Heard 800 this time. The only thing that you can rely on in Visa for the last few years is layoffs. They come like clockwork, only the number of job cuts change. And all we can do is to dodge while the hail of bullets passes. To bad I don't have Daredevil's abilities, cause I know for sure one of these days I'm gonna be hit. Just hope it's not today.

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@rjw - mid-size is the way to go, projects are large enough but you do not have pressures and alienation that's often associated with large enterprises (visa being one of the worst examples)

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I am an Indian and I can understand how Indian managers think. I don't think I am a racist. There are very few good ones. They are managing the only way they know management, that is the Indian way - FUD. Gonna update my resume now. Will drop the call if the interviewing manager is an Indian. Tired of working for big companies too. Will join a small company.

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