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ZERO Technical Skills Rule

It is sickening and disgraceful to lay off lot of hard working employees while executives who make bad decisions are rewarded. It is a toxic environment where a-- kissing, and political bs is the norm and nothing gets done. People with ZERO technical skills are in charge and protected by selfish managers, while hard working people suffer silently. The latest buzz word is 'diversity' and male employees are not eligible to apply for most of the job openings, internal moves and promotions. Visa's HR practices are suspect and not fair.

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UCSF will outsource dozens of jobs and lay off as many as 50 workers after signing a a five-year contract worth $50 million with Indian IT company HCL Technologies.

"Given the fiscal challenges facing academic medicine, and the ability of outside vendors to provide high-quality IT services, UCSF’s review concluded that it was more economical and secure to partner with specialized vendors on those aspects of information technology that do not require close interaction with research, patient care or education," a university spokesperson told the Business Times.UCSF said the deal will save the school $30 million and will ultimately result in the layoff of 49 people and another 17 positions being allowed to remain vacant.

Computerworld reported the news on Sept 7.

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The move generated immediate pushback from the union representing university officials, Local 9119 of the University Professional and Technical Employees-Communication Workers of America.

“Once again, high-salary UC administrators show their disconnect from the workers, patients and students, pursuing one consultant-driven boondoggle after another,” Keith Pavlik, a member of Local 9119, told the paper.

The layoffs are expected to take place in February. A spokesperson for UCSF did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

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Can't tell you how many internal positions I applied for that went to Indian men and definitely not women.

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While I am sad about my firends and coleagues that were let go yesterday and today, I have to disagree with you - what you are describing can be found in any large american enterprise - it's certainly not endemic to Visa. Look around, most major enterprises have layoffs today - the cost pressures are immense and organizations have to realign to ensure preservation.

Who's hurt? The little guy! In the whole hoopla, as P&Ls shift and as we toy with reorg and moving boxes on the org chart, the little guy loses job, house, health insurance - that's the part that everyone forgets. I support our ability to stay nimble (and cut when it's needed) but also we need to do it the right way and take care of people who are let go with generious severance packages, job placement assistance, COBRA coverage and priority for rehiring.

Good luck to all.

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