Thread regarding Interactive Intelligence Inc. layoffs

The glory days are gone

Curious to know what people think?

When did ININ reach the tipping point?

  1. When we made the new building?

  2. When we started PureCloud?

  3. When JoeS left?

  4. When SteveH left?

  5. When JeffG left?

  6. When JimO left?

  7. When we bought Orgspan?

  8. The 120M Convertible loan?

  9. When Don announced our Sale to Genesys

  10. Still coming?

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i would absolutely agree, as soon as we bought orgspan around the time Joe Staples left, the company and the culture went downhill. Employees from NC started friction with those in Indy and ultimately caused some to leave or get let go/fired.

It was a great company before NC PureCloud team got involved. Its a real shame.

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My 2 cents on when it went down hill was after OrgSpan was bought. The old dev apps group vaporized into PC. I was one of a handful that was left in CIC. They really cannibalized CIC for PC - no testing or PM really s---ed.

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I think the tipping point was when DB decided to force employees to sell the half-baked PureCloud product so that he could sell off the company.

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OrgSpan\PureCloud was probably the beginning of the end because too many resources were put into it with very little return. In fact, ININ's economic earnings dropped from the time it released its first cloud product even while revenues continued to grow every year.

In terms of personnel, the losses of JoeS, SteveH and JeffG hurt the company. JimO was one of the "yes, Don" crowd surrounding Don and so wasn't that great a loss.

Agree with "Not in Marketing" that the Marketing purge was a huge loss to the company and some very, very good people were forced out.

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All the good people are leaving or have left. Genesys is killing what is left of the company. Abandon Ship!!

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I would add that they promised Slides in the new building but then it never happened!

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In regards to this post, I see the beginning of the end when Marketing was decimated and no one from top management cared at all. Some great life long I3 employees were shown the door during this witch hunt. No one cared or protested. That was a big problem and highlighted a culture of fear and retribution if you were to speak out.

I would add 11. "Marketing Witch Hunt" to the list

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