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OFFICE DEPOT AT 3600n.w.Lejeune rd miami springs, fl 33166, Nov 8th

Today the lines were too long and there was only one person at the cash register,i went looking for the manager "CHARLES" and in a nice way i asked him if it was possible to add another person to the check out counter, the man starting screaming and saying that was all he had and that the other employee had just been taken out by the police because he was stealing(like this is my problem right?),I asked him to stop yelling at me and he said that that was his voice and matter of speaking"really?" I suggest you keep this animal back in the warehouse where he'll have no contact with the public. Ernest cancio

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Let me guess....four people ahead of you in line, with an average of 5 items each? Get over it, you can wait, retailers are under no obligation to accommodate you.

That's what you get for buying cheap a-- retail store furniture, try a contract furniture dealer the next time, better products, longer lasting, and the top won't bubble when you set a cup of coffee on it. It's also furniture, I'm sure in the fine print it says allow extra time for delivery of furniture those six hours you sat at home (probably checking work email remotely) you could have read them.

Now the two of skedaddle, you're a couple whiney, mambie, pambie, self entitled people, who still believe the customer is always right.

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1st world baby problems! Grow up

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Can you believe the customer asked for all this???? The nerve

West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana...

Delivery of items, specifically Furniture.Terrible, XPO Logistics did not show up.

Office Depot Website gave a delivery date, and XPO did not show up. Also XPO Logistics drivers do not contact you when you specify a lead time to call you, so you can meet them. I was away from work over 6 hours to wait for this delivery. I then contacted customer service.

They issued a ticket number and noted I would be contacted within 4 hours. I was not contacted. Am chatting again, no direct time frame for delivery, 35 minuted into trying to resolve this. Office Depot needs a site that displays and delivers by email an accurate delivery date and time.

If Amazon carried this desk, i would have ordered from them.

Poor service all the way around.For all office supplies, Use Supply Geeks or Bulk Office Supply

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