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Glad to see that phone repair is working out

Office Depot Complaints and Reviews and pissed comsumers-Nov 16

Yep they are thieves and liars and would't take responsibility for anything they do wrong.I took my iPhone here to get my cracked screen replaced.

The same day I picked the phone and I noticed my phone stared to over heat to the point where I have to stop using it and put it down, my phone also flickers crazy lights like a broken tv would. Another thing that never happened before is my battery drains in about two hours which I never had a problem with in the past. I've had my screen cracked for almost a year and not once did I have these issues. I went in and had another tech open it back up to try and fix the problem.

He said he basically reconnected everything and also told me that the first tech forgot to put in a piece that went around my camera. The phone still has the same issues. I brought it back to actually show him the flickering happening and he pretty much laughed. My phone is still Over heating, flickering lights, and battery drainage.

The manager, her name is Kelly called me today and was very rude, she said it's not their fault and that it's my phone. She also said that she would give me a refund but they would put my cracked screen back on. This wount take away the damage they did to my phone!!! Very very poor customer service!

I don't recommend anyone going here for this service or any. Big mistake going here.. I will stick with apple from now on!

They told me the same thing that my phone already had drop damage from the cracked screen!Office Depot s---s!

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