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A Call with Navient Rep

I spoke with a representative from the DOE for a lengthy amount of time a couple days ago after I talked to Navient and they haven't heard anything from DOE about forbearance. DOE said I should of received a auto response email when I submitted form.. since I did not he said I needed to resubmit. I did and received response right away.

Other important information from call. I graduated in 2011.

  1. He stated in response to me asking what the status is on loan forgiveness for students outside of the 120 day window (loan forgiveness is because of school closure for these students not fraudulent activities)....the BIG difference between ITT and somewhere like Corinthians is that Corinthians was found guilty in court of fraudulent activities, ITT has never been found guilty. He stated there has been acquisitions against ITT for years..

  2. He stated what they look for is - what did they do that was illegal and what law did it break. Do you have documentation to prove it?

  3. He stated the best chance we have is to get our State Attorney involved ASAP if they are NOT already.

  4. Advised me to continue to pay at least the interest while my loan is in forgiveness because if my loan doesn't get forgiveness I will accrue a ton of interest.

  5. In the scenario I do get approval for forgiveness- it's either full or partial. Full would reimburse me for what I have paid so far and forgiveness for my remaining balance(not including private loans of course). Partial is just remaining balance not reimbursement.

  6. Make sure to attach your transcripts and use the form(bc it calls out specifically what laws we are saying we're violated). Be as specific as you can in explaining each section of the form.

  7. He stated if at some point they have collected enough information that would determine ITT has committed fraud against its students they would distribute an email letting people know but didn't think it would happen without the court getting involved (hence the need to contact State Attorney General).

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