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I was promised a raise January 2016 and today is my last day with the company - no raise ever happened - it was all talk.

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Raises? I don't know where you are TZQ, but certainly where I am after months of back peddling and stalling they finally admitted what we already knew - the Management Elite deemed us not worthy of all of the cash they awarded themselves.

Didn't matter if you scored a 1 on your appraisal either.

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On one end of the pay spectrum is Mike Lawrie, CSC’s chairman, president and CEO. In CSC’s fiscal 2016, which ended on April 1, he brought in a total pay package worth $23.8 million. This makes him the fifth highest-paid executive in the Greater Washington region. It’s a 54 percent increase over the year before.

BizJournal report.

Greed goeth before the fall!

Layoffs yesterday December 8, 2016 and no pay increases. Swept under the rug and lied to. Raises must still be under review -since upper management continued to say "they are being reviewed", "we know nothing" since July and its now December.

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