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Raytheon and Job security is a function of which division and program you are assigned to. I worked there earlier in my career, starting when I was in graduate school, got double digit raises for near ten years. I was assigned to a department for time entry and worked on assignments all over the company. With a new department manager, he asked me why I made so much for my age, he drew a salary v age chart, and I explained my role company wide and why I was assigned to his department for time entry. He decided that my job function was not the role of his department, that my role and that I should be in the executive office, where I reported to dotted line, and I knew that was the end of my career there. It was a good place to work while there, however career advancement can be very slow. I saw many issues there being related to organizational design issues and management with myopic thinking however that wasn't everywhere. After leaving, I was able to get a new post working in an executive office for the pay Raytheon should have been paying me and with that also reported to an Sr VP basically doing the same thing I did at Raytheon where I was held back due to poor organization structure design. I do believe that Raytheon can be a difficult company to work for, people are overworked, and at the same time, the company is well managed other than the period when people from Allied Signal were at the helm.

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Double digit raises are unheard of at Raytheon. I don't believe this post

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