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2016/12/15 Thursday More layoff's

More layoff's don't know who or how many just yet. You would think they would at least wait to the new year, so people can get 1 month of insurance and there 401K match.

Now Mike Lawrie gets $16.5 million in stock awards and $3.6 million in options. Another $285,203 of his pay came in the form of use of the company aircraft, annual medical screenings and matching company 401(k) contributions.

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Nothing surprises me at CSC anymore. Whilst I have respect in Lawrie for saving the company a few years ago he has, regrettably, failed in attempts to reinvigorate it. Sure there have been good acquisitions and an intent to focus on next generation technology but there are 3 fundamental issues that have not been fixed - delivery, sales and growth.

This doesn't require biased assessment from ex employees or disgruntled current employees but just a simple look at the numbers. The sales engine from larger strategic to small sales is broken and the result is almost no pipeline and poor success rates. There is also consistently poor sales leadership across the board.

It's no surprise when delivery is broken and no one knows how to fix it. Even the nearshore and offshore delivery Centres are broken.

Before I bore you all to death the reason is the lack of interest in people. There is no loyalty to staff, almost zero incentives, no empowerment etc. a complete atmosphere of fear pervades. CSC has hired some good but also some very poor people, whose sole contribution has been to reinforce failure. Look at the core markets of US, UK, Germany....shall I go on?

Even if you are successful at Csc you are at risk. Fine but the rewards are not that good.

So before you join, just open your eyes and ask some critical questions. I got lazy and forgot to!

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CSC- the WORST company (merger or no merger) in the WORLD!!!


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I like many people are appalled at the way in which CSC has treated it's employees of late, both locally and at a global level. Those from HPE should not consider their position to be exceptional or unique. CSC has been equally ruthless in casting aside capable technical resources for many years now.

The upper management have absolutely no idea about what constitutes true value in a company, but rather concentrate on finding ways to increase their remuneration by whatever means they can devise.

They know people and their knowledge are the real assets in a company, and without them there is no future, but in truth they really don't care. The tireless move to offshore services is testimony to this strategy.

Mike Lawie; you and your cohorts are without shame. Arrogance, avarice, hubris? Which of these adjectives would you consider apply to you? Probably all, but then you represent the worst of capitalism, with no conscience or compassion, and a disgrace to humanity.

Shame on you.

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Some of the layoffs occurred in GBS Consulting - agreed that it's disgusting to lay people off 2wks b4 Christmas

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Mikey & Co are on a mad dash to get the end of the quarter results in better shape. Last week was a huge hit on the team I'm on, people were told on Thursday and their mail was shut off Friday morning. And caught totally offguard, people who mostly thought their jobs were important to the company direction! IT allowed for zero knowledge transfer, everybody scrambling, and of course everybody pissed off at yet another reminder of how little CSC cares about people. Layoffs 2 weeks before Christmas, completely heartless.

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