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UTC Corporate Layoffs on 12-15-2016

UTC Corporate Offices in Farmington, CT (9 Farm Springs Rd.) just eliminated no less than a dozen positions rather suddenly, yesterday on 12-15. Myself included, I was working as a contractor and had only been with the company for about six months. Many others who were laid off had been working there for years. I came back from my lunch break around 12:00 PM and my badge was not able to open the building's entrance. When I got in from another employee, I was immediately confronted by security at the front desk and told I was supposed to have been informed that I would not be allowed back in the building. I was informed the layoffs were due to "budget cuts", which really means the greedy executives need to add to their already huge salaries. As I left I saw several others in line waiting to be laid off as well. The needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many.

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You're a contractor. If you were worth anything you would be a direct. You deserve no notice because you will skip out of a company with zero notice yourself for an extra .50 cents an hour.

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Yeah like Merry Christmas the rotten bastards. They laid me off a couple of years ago. With a major injury from falling on their premises. They refused to pay for surgery so now I am permanently disabled. However, with a 35% tax to bring their crap back the US their whole (hole?) business case is cablooey. Cold comfort, I know but the economy looks like it's gonna come back so you will do just fine my friend.

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