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very corrupted company

Shaw is getting worse and worse every year, both for customers and employees. I worked for shaw for 6 years and saw a lot of great people laid off or in a lot of cases fired right before the layoff to avoid paying the severance. The managers in sales department are very corrupt and quite often they will ask their agents to lie to the customers or not reveal all the information about the deal. And worst comes to worst it will be the employee who'd lose their job, the manager will just throw him under the bus. Very unfortunate that I still have to work for the company since I don't agree with many practises here.

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ceo jay mehr only cares about himself,

he doesn't care about the 'company' , employees, or even the

investors. as the investors don't care about the company or employees or the customers.

the investors don't 'own' the company

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people making min wage or less than $25,000/year cannot afford cable.

you have a problem when your employees cannot afford your $100/month cable packages.

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Bad and jay mehr..dont really care about people..

Take allot at total compensatuon..they say they lower salary but hike up pension...interesting how they take advantage of shareholders to get rich...

Cant compete..time to sell..

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I left them after about 10 years of service, when they informed us to communicate to the staff that in order to fix their finances they needed to freeze and role back wages of most of their front line employees. 3 months later their publicly traded financials were released, revealing that a small handful of their executives had been paid about 8 million dollars in bonuses.

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