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I was terminated supposedly with cause but no cause was givin

I worked at shaw for 2 years was well liked by customers coworkers and supervisors show up to work after my weekend to be told they are firing me with cause when I inquired as to why they escorted me from the building no cause was givin no written warnings just the remark of not fitting the shaw ideal I was in tech support but apparently that's now just an avenue for sales and my sales wasn't good enough although no coaching was offered or in my reviews I was doing fantastic

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This exact same situation happened to me in 2009. I was achieving my targets, even got a pay rise a month before being let go, on the day after I came back from my holiday the boss called me in and told me I didn't fit the shaw team, no actual cause given and I was walked out of the building. I was also in IT

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For any of the non-unionized field techs who've just been unceremoniously let go from Shaw, search for the following court decision:

Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

2016 SCC 29 (CanLII)

For those of you fortunate enough to still be employed... for now... call the United Steelworkers Local 1944 office in Vancouver to discuss your options.

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If this is the case don't sign anything and seek legal counsel. Do your research on federal labour law as Shaw falls under federal jurisdiction..

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