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Incompetence with OD

I hardly know where to begin. Our store in the NW was announced to be closed in two months. Last day to be open is 11-12. Two weeks before we close, ¾ of the employees are transferred to other stores, yet they are to stay at the closing store to close it down.

The GM can not make schedules as he has been transferred as well and can’t get into the system. Only four people are still officially on the book at that store, and only one can do the schedule, yet … wait for it, he gets transferred immediately to another store, so no one can make a schedule for the following week. I am one of the four still on the books.

I get transferred a week before the closing, go to my new store and everything appears ok for the first two days. Then I can’t sign in, can’t sign into the registers and have lost maybe $30 in spiffs and PPPs. This is into two weeks now … and I’m pissed.

Via UPS, I receive the severance package, yet I’m supposedly transferred to the new store.

Now, here’s the kicker … we have a new GM, and he is not in the system yet, so because he isn’t in the system and can’t sign in, my transfer can not be done, because of the way transfers are set up. Managers have to transfer employees from one store to another, but if the new manager is not listed in the system, I’m screwed till he shows up.

This week, I receive another UPS envelope with a letter that says my severance package is no longer good, as I’ve been transferred.

Our DM is looking into it, and apparently, everyone else too.

Here’s my point of contention. OD had plenty of experience in closing stores and transferring employees, so why the clusterf--k on yours truly and my GM as well? Absolute b---s--- for incompentcy.

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Easy solution, find a new job

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Is your old store being sold to liquidators?

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