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Redundancy in Australia

I was made redundant along with all the Retail Auditing employees in Australia about 2 years ago. We were given 3 months notice, linked up to a HR company to have resumes drawn up and all financial obligations were met by the company. I worked for Nielsen in this section for 20 years and found them to an excellent company to work for. Obviously at times there were events you would just shake you head over and wonder who thought some of the stuff up. Maybe I just had good bosses and co-workers in Queensland, but on the whole, no complaints from me about this company.

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Wow, that's rare. I mean, to be laid off and not hold a grudge. I'm not sure if I would be able to speak like that if they let me go. Respect to both of you.

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Same here, I cannot complain about the company - I had an insane boss though - I wish that was not the case as I had to leave due to me not being able to handle her any more. Anyhow, good luck to all of you

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