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Arrow Electronics Layoffs 2017

I do not want to be laid off - nobody wants it. Yet, there are many rumors about potential job cuts here in Centennial.

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Which departments got affected by the layoff?

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Too late, layoffs hit yesterday, 8/15/2017. Morale is as bad as it can be, people with 20+ years were let go. Obviously those of us still employed are very nervous. No one tells the truth so we're left guessing. A bad place to be, but at least I still have a paycheck coming in.

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Rumors of layoffs at Arrow are nothing new. Ask yourself when you had a decent raise then look at the stock options given to the people at the top and what they sell on a regular basis. They are raking in millions while you continue to struggle with inflation and probably working overtime.

Mike Long sold over $6 million of ARW stock options in 2016.

Paul Reilly sold over $6.6 million of ARW stock options since May of 2016.

Mary Morris sold $1.2 million in 2016.

Melvin Vincent sold $1.59 million in 2016.

Sean Kerins sold $857,200 in 2016

The above people cashed in over $10 million this year alone so I challenge you to look at the rest of them and add it up.

These people are the true 1% and do not care about you. Their only concern is that you work hard to keep the cash rolling in for them. You are their cash machines, nothing more. Look at the numbers and ask yourself why they sent all those jobs to India and why you aren't worth a decent raise.

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