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TELUS Layoffs 2017

I left a few years back but still have good friend over there - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in Vancouver.

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I worked as DBA.. All DBAs Work from Home. Work Load for them is minimal. one or two phone call per day and little work on the system. Every two weeks you have to drive to the office but some times you can skip that too.. IT department jobs are for those who want to stay lazy at home, watch TV, look after kids but still take good pay home. In my case they lay me off because they want to support some one in their race/country of origin unfortunately. I noticed my ex-directory pretentds like technical and do some micro management but lives far from reality.

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Layoff being renamed as re-org never stop at TELUS, and the real number is much bigger than what they announce.

My team had 2 people being let go in 2015, another 3 including my director in 2016, and we don't know how many more will come in 2017... The team is shrinking, but workload keeps increasing. Remaining team members are struggling with long working hours with no OT payment.

The joke is Executives were asking why employee engagement survey has such a low score, and asked managers / directors to improve it.

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Confirmed. A friend is in management in vancouver. TELUS has two major developments bleeding them dry, the skytower in calgary and TELUS gardens sitting half empty in vancouver.

This, on top of declining revenues and profits is becoming a serious problem.

Heads will roll in 2017, and quite a few I'm told.

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