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TWC Middle Management Saving Friends, Long Time Co-Workers

I work in one of the Syracuse, New York offices and there has been hiring going on for the last several months for lower level management positions, and many entry level positions. I have applied for over 25 positions and been rejected for all. The problem has not my qualifications because they are definitely there, but the main issue is that TWC hiring managers are choosing the people they want to save. My recruiters for the positions have all been candid about what has been happening. The hiring managers have specific people in mind that they want for the available positions and they are not interviewing anyone else. I saw one position re-open and I asked my recruiter about it because I had originally applied. They stated that the hiring manager had to reopen the position because the person he wanted for the job, apparently applied for the wrong position to begin with. So in order to appear like they were doing the right thing, they reopened the position to let the internal person that the manager wanted, apply for it so they can hire him. This was done to maintain the appearance of a fair process. There has been little due diligence by any of the hiring managers for any of the open positions. Most of the recruiters have shared this same sentiment with me.

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They are hiring ex cablevision employees to try and bust up the union beware

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exactly that way everywhere,i was laid-off and applied for several was a matter of pay.after working for the system for over 32 years.they outsourced my job to is not a matter of your devotion,it is all bout who you know.i ended up feeling abandoned and disgarded like a piece of trash. you are not alone

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