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Layoff Payoffs

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VP level down don't actually know what they are going to be asked to do until a week or so before (maybe a few are let in.) At that point they can fall on the sword or keep their jobs. Most don't want to do what they are doing to the employees. Yes, a few are numb to it but most are as stuck as we are and are as unlikely to quit over principle as the non-management folks. It's not HP - it's Dion, Tracy and Cathy. "HP" doesn't have an employee number. They do.

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After 5-10+ years of continuous layoffs, employees are no longer worried... they are have accepted the fact that HP does not want them there. I have been in multiple meetings (including all-hands meetings) where senior managers have walked in and said "If you don't like it here and you do not want to be part of this transformation... put in your two week notice." and "We will be moving resources around so we can improve collaboration with our flexible workforce partners. We will be reducing headcount in high cost regions such as the United States and Europe, and hiring people in India and China." It does not provide confidence when you have a revolving doors in executive leadership and the people who take the position state "I worked in HP back when Bill and Dave were here, and this is not the same company. You need to be more collaborative and to do that you must work from the office." or "I was very successful at [name of company] and if we don't get [completely re-architect and rebuild every IT system in the company to suite my new strategy] completed in the next 12-months, I will go somewhere else."

Most of the knowledge employees have left. What remains are the largely the die-hards who are paying they do not get laid off before they can retire, recent college graduates who do not know any better, the *** kissers who are poor employees yet have tight connections with upper management, and the late bloomers who are no longer dedicated to HP... are in the process of looking for other opportunities... but have yet to find one.

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The payoff at HP for layoffs is a way-toxic work environment!

At HP, the pirates parrot the parrots! HP discriminates, not only against older folks, but also, HP discriminates against decent and ethical folks!

HP employees are so fearful of layoffs… And HP uses “forced distribution reviews”… Such that, in order to keep your job, you have to make others look bad, and almost everyone knows it. I have sat in a weekly staff meeting where one co-worker savaged a missing co-worker, and all that the boss said, was along these lines: “Well, I am glad that we seem to feel free to speak out minds here”.

It’s like this here political cartoon: The boss is a jolly old peg-legged pirate, lurching around the ship. On his shoulder, there is an angry, aggressive parrot, squawking (in large bold letters), “Awwwk! Awwwk! Poly wants a cracker, co-workers are slackers! Awwwk! Awwwk!” Pirate meekly hangs head, repeats, in small, submissive script, “Awwwk! Awwwk! Poly wants a cracker, co-workers are slackers! Awwwk! Awwwk!” …

Lazy managers (who have neither the time nor the competence to look over your shoulder and watch, let alone help, as you write code or run technical hardware), will just take the word of your team leader, or other favored team member, when writing your review. So what we have, is a plain and simple conflict of interest, where team leaders or other favored workers can get themselves a better review, by bad-mouthing you. So then… “The pirate (supposed leader) parrots the parrots”, not vice versa. And “Poly’s cracker” is getting to keep Poly’s job, while Poly’s victims lose theirs.

Recommend for HP.

Ditch your “forced ranking” performance reviews. If you can’t bring yourselves to do that, at least eliminate what is clearly a conflict of interests that is taking place here. Teach your pirates and parrots that leaders are supposed to lead, and followers are supposed to follow. Start leading; that’s what you’re paid for.

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