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A few observations I have regarding CSC POD's

Here are just a few observations I have regarding CSC POD's:

  1. Blythewood (2010 - 2012), Titusville (2012-2014), Pittsburgh (2014-2016) CSC POD's all opened and closed in 2 years.

  2. CSC purchases Axon located in Isabela, PR from Pratt and Whitney/UTC to make it the latest and greatest POD in 2016.

  3. In 2009, San Diego fired Axon because of ERP implementation issues:

  1. One linkedin Pratt and Whitney/UTC/Axon manager's job description reads Nov 2012 to July 2016 "Providing resolution to service delivery and quality issues":

  1. CSC is hiring in Isabela, PR:,50_KE51,54.htm?jl=2278442463

In my mind, if things were so great between Axon, UTC, and Pratt and Whitney, they would have never sold Axon to CSC. Just like the HPES and CSC Merger, two bad companies doesn't equal one big good company.

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Blythewood was pitched as an onshore low cost labor center and many PM / administrative jobs went there 6-7 years ago. The pods were introduced later and weren't set up there.

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CSC bought Axon PR because as a US territory it can handle ITAR accounts for low wages. Another way to get rid of the US workforce!

Lets right shore the CEO so CSC can pay him less as well

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I thought Blythewood was a data center.

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From what I remember, a motivator for the sale of Axon PR was that Pratt & Whitney wanted out of the near-shore sourcing business. It was not a core competency for them as a jet manufacturing business.

I am seeing 24 positions for Blythewood, SC. If I got you right they are not a POD but yet that facility needs 24 people in various positions. Are you sure Blythewood is not a POD? They are definitely not closed.

My opinion only: CSC bought Axon PR because P&W put them up for sale and it would have been a bad move to let someone else have Axon PR especially with the footprint they had into a major client like UTC.

Over a beer I am sure we would both agree that the CSC/HPE merger is going to be a train wreck for its respective people at the worker level.

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