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Ever since at&t took over DirecTV.....

Customer service at an all time low. Being lied too about pricing, their union employees don't want to do the work and are doing poor installations. Contractors are held to a high standard and are out performing in house installers. I've worked for DirecTV for over 10 years and have never seen this lack of customer service. 25% of our installation orders are cancelled due to customers being lied too. Now at&t wants to stream everything but can't handle the bandwidth and will have unreliable tv. AT&T platform is based on other companies internet....

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Y'all smoking some sh--, the contractors are garbage, half don't speech English. Most like mounts don't go deeper than 10 inches.

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Perhaps the "customers" should WAKE-UP!!!

Why pay good money to only be marketed to??

Cable and satellite didn't use to be that way... back in the "good 'ol days..."

"Cut the cord..."

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