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From the Enbridge Layoff Page --- not positive news on Raises or STIP it seems

From what I'm reading on their pages raises were super low last year and will probably be again this year. They are anticipating a minimal STIP. This may foreshadow what we can expect in the future , sad sad – – but there will be plenty of parking spaces.

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Spectra just released it's STIP %%%%s - with the exception on UNION GAS, it looks like a bleak year for most in the lower ranks. Raises and actual STIP$$ amounts get handed out Monday, STIP payout will be the 24th. Several co-workers have already been offered good jobs and are just waiting for the STIP check before they quit.

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Last year we (enbridge Houston) were told only people who needed a raise to correct for some drastic change in job function or increase in responsibility that wasn't corrected for with a raise.

Sounds like the same plan this year.

People with 4.1 and 4.2 performance ratings (which is apparently the highest you're allowed to get here on a scale of 5) didn't get raises.

Enbridge will tell you over and over again that they "pay for performance." It's a big fat lie. They pay for age, they pay for connections, they DO NOT pay for performance. And you know all those linkedin articles you read about how to negotiate salaries and pay raises? Lol. People have not been hired for ASKING about pay in interviews. Start asking for raises and your star will fall very quickly around here.

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There were no broad applications of raises last year. Heard it will be the same this year. Only for 'top performers'.

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