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High-Cost to Low-Cost to Automation

"CFO Paul Saleh told investors that CSC has shipped some 1,500 positions out of high-costs locations and is using automation to get more efficiency in low-cost locations. Roughly half of CSC's workforce is based in low-cost locations today, Saleh said, up from 45 percent a year ago."

For those that have valid concerns about jobs moving from the states to off-shore, we in off-shore locations should also be concerned. The above is from an older article ( 11/3/2016) it clearly states what the plan is and has been for a long time.

Few jobs are safe from out-sourcing and now consider automation as a potential threat. CSC has come to Puerto Rico. Just be clear it is part of a longer term plan to eventually automate the jobs that are here. Enjoy the work, but just keep looking to re-invent yourself.

Also in the last earnings conference call Paul Saleh stated the next milestone was 70-75% off shore.

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You want low cost , lets right-source the CFO and CEO to a lower cost country and keep a few hundred good US technical people

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the low cost locations they outsource to have low cost problem solving an analytical skills too

if they look past the end of their noses at a problem is probably to wipe up the drool from their keyboards

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They must be good, they all have real qualifications in these off-shore countries. All sat and passed by the same person...

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I think some of those off shore guys called me last week. Said they were calling from Windows and wanted to help me fix all my viruses.

Hey, there must be money in it!

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