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Kraft / Unilever Acquisition Layoffs 2017

Do you think there will be major layoffs due to Kraft / Unilever Acquisition? Sometimes in 2017? I am not even sure if this will be approved - we'll see what happens. I am thinking that there may be impact in few areas:

  • IT (once they merge systems, or some of them, there will be folks who are redundant, probably on both sides)

  • Human Resources (if they integrate operations, at least some folks will be let go, this may be big)

  • Finance (on the corporate level, it'll be a big hit, local folks may be ok, maybe no layoffs there)

  • Marketing (depends what they do from the brand side, definitely some wil be affected)

  • Legal (for redundant things, hits will happen, there is a lot of overlap here, heads will fly, pink slips. Kraft is heavy here, Unilever possibly too)

  • Any other back office jobs (I'll leave this to your imagination).

What are your thoughts?

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Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated in TN, is currently hiring Merchandisers.

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Bid rejected today - it's a long shot

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It's a long shot for Kraft, not sure if this will ever get approved

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Hmmm, it's not looking good for any of the business functions you listed above. Layoffs!

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