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Feb. 22 marks the 149th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx book Communication Manifesto (he lived with him in-laws in their basement

I'm not agreeing with Marx and believe that communism barely works in theory - Venezuela as an example and the wonderful vintage cars driving around in Cuba still - that said - there is one salient point that Marx and Engels brought out from an article on Real Clear History Website

As readers revisit "The Communist Manifesto" on its 150th anniversary, those on the left and the right have been struck by the eerie way in which its 1848 description of capitalism resembles the restless, anxious and competitive world of today's global economy.

Economists and political scientists note how the manifesto, written by Marx and Friedrich Engels, recognized the unstoppable wealth-creating power of capitalism, predicted it would conquer the world, and warned that this inevitable globalization of national economies and cultures would have divisive and painful consequences

So all of us who still believe in capitalism - consume, consume, consume - pray for bad weather both hot cold it's what fuels our execs extravagant salaries and at least gives us jobs so we can pay our fair share of taxes

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Remember, communism and socialism works as long as you have other people's money to spend. Once it is their turn to "donate", they change their tune real fast.

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