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It's January... layoff season. The axe has already fallen quietly. Keep reading the news and have a plan B.

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K...Where's the newsflash??? Donald or Carl, u there? I want to make more $$$$ like Carl so that I can get my own workshop AND retire in Barbados. I bought Autodesk at $14/share in 2009 and......... I sold at $72 last year. Thanks for the ride Carl! Make 50% of full-time employees be part-time or contract .... $100/share! And another workshop!

Anyways.......I feel bad for the good employees. U can find a new job every 3-5 years, but some employees have families and no stickin' workshops!

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I'm aware of a few layoffs at Autodesk over the past couple of days, with more to come . Does anyone have any specifics to share? Happened to me last Feb along with 1,000 other Autodeskers. It's apparently a 2x per year strategy to keep the stock price up, investors happy and rehire cheaper. Younger interns instead if exoerienced, skilled professionals. Those that get cut are typically over 40 or 50 yrs old, make a great income, and are high performers. They tend to keep the deadweight coasters, esp. those based in San Francisco. USA employees are the easiest to layoff vs other countries. But hey, CEO Carl Bass continues to sell his stock shares and rake in Multimillion $$$ in personal wealth. SO AWESOME to see him tweeting about his huge new machine shop the size of most people's he lays off hardworking employees. What a guy! What a CEO! What an insensitive, obtuse creton.

What a shame... as some write below, buckle up Autodeskers...the ride is just getting started clockwork...every January and June...

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