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Diplomat Pharmacy continues to be a revolving door for employment. They fire and hire constantly. This is not a place for steady employment.

First off, they bill themselves as the nations largest independent specialty pharmacy. I guess we all need to relearn what independent means. They are a public company owned by investment shares traded in the stock market: NOT INDEPENDENT. They are run like a business but have little or no loyalty to employees, who after 8 years or 8 months will let people go to appease the companies investment value and perception. If you are looking to work at Diplomat, weight your options first. If you are employed at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, keep your resume updated, your networking options open and watch out for that revolving door.

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Amen to this post. This place has been billed by local media as a bright spot for the community. Well that is a joke when it comes to employees. Employment time frame here is not long term. Average employees do not retire here, they are forced out or their position is eliminated or far worse just let go for no reason at all. That's right, they don't give you a reason just walk you to the door and say "have a nice day." Benefits are the bare minimum, you may might get stock options if they let you, but then again they put a freeze on the stock and do not let employees sell. And even wall street is starting to notice that this company might be a joke — stock price is way down! Sales projections are down for the 2017 and who knows about DIR fees - looks like the big boys are making it hard for Diplomat to play in the space. If you are looking to work here, don't unless you have no other alternative.

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