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Any word of when the lay offs will start happening?.

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Latest Information on Layoffs!

"As we design our new company organizational structure, we realize this is a time of uncertainty, and some of you are concerned about when you will know if you have a continuing role in the company.

As previously mentioned, we plan to announce the full Executive Leadership Team (ELT) as well as the Vice President (VP) positions before Day 1 – we currently anticipate these announcements will be made in mid-February. Below the VP level, individuals can expect to know about the status of their role with the company approximately three to four weeks after the transaction closes. Until that time, please do not interpret any discussion or absence of direct communication about your role as a signal about your future with the company.

Teams are working diligently over the next several weeks to refine the organizational structure and nominate and place individuals into roles. This collaborative work includes integration planning team leads from both Spectra and Enbridge, as well as representatives from Human Resources and select VPs. Though there will be some workforce reductions in areas where there is overlap in positions, most people will have a continuing role in the combined company.

We anticipate the full organizational structure will be finalized and communicated approximately three to four weeks after close. No workforce changes, at any level, will be implemented prior to Day 1."

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From a friend who works there - "Only that the merger will happen by the end of first quarter" once layoffs happen and the employee's severance checks have cleared the bank, lots of revealing stories come out, unless the severed have to sign a non-disclosure agreement - FYI the best source for rumored-truth is from the vanpool that runs from Kingwood

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