Thread regarding AECOM Technology Corp. layoffs

AECOM outsourcing IT to IBM - it's happening people

AECOM has sold its soul to the Big Blue devil and over 800 IT jobs are going overseas. Where's @realDonaldTrump when you need him?

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80 work week in the field, 60 hours in house, no training, expectations to fix things immediately without the proper tools, very poorly managed network and deficient tools to accomplish the job. No input from management, never consulted for suggestions.

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You can't blame Trump for this. Bottom line is AECOM has been #7 on the top 10 companies to work for list for several years now. Many observations about leadership (or lack of). Some very good folks have left already...and many still there. To those of you who are still left, my well wishes are with you.

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Listen carefully people;

It stands to reason that they've most certainly already made their decisions as to what staff they will need and what staff they can let go.

In order to SELL the cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing to Sr. leadership, management (usually in conjunction with the outsourcing company) has to answers the following questions;

  1. How many people it will take in each team to support X services/technologies, provided they can release 1/3 of the existing staff, (i.e. does it take 8 guys to do storage, or can they really do it with 6 or maybe even 5? Usually the answer is, "we can do it with less".)

  2. How many people on-staff does the outsourcing company already employ who can fill that role at a cheaper rate than what the company is paying (usually enough people, since their bread and butter is filling gaps like that.) If you've ever noticed, outsourcing companies go through a "staff up" when they're negotiating with a company.

Therefore, it's safe (and prudent) to assume two things..

a.) They've already decided who they need to keep and who they don't, and..

b.) The next 4 months aren't an "evaluation" period, it's a "document as much as we can from the outgoing staff" period before you're kicked to the curb.

I have two words; f--- them. They haven't done anyone any favors, and they're not doing ANY of you any favors now. They've already clearly indicated where they stand, and it's to the corporate bottom line. It's most certainly not investing in their employees.

My best and most well-intentioned advice; Take these next 4 months and do f----all at work.

Abandon your work ethic with wild abound. Use what time remains at that 'job" to find a new job. Get the ever loving f--- out of there, and use the time that they're paying you, to secure employment for yourself.

Believe me, the leadership that's in place now, doesn't give a single damn about any of you.

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Wow, even the media is now picking up on the posts here. It is a lamentable state of affairs...the facts have been shared by others, here are my thoughts...

The memo and announcement: pure spin from top management like Kadenacy and Peck, talking about "strategic partnership" and heavy IT investment to please business users. Fancy MBA talk, but can't put lipstick on a pig...AECOM is looking to cut costs short term, and long term offshoring at this scale will prove to be a disaster. Moving the help desk from Mexico to India won't improve it. Getting rid of all the institutional knowledge will create issues...some guys and gals have been here for 10, 20 or even 30+ years. Sadly many will be forced into early retirement with a modest severance - ageism is live and well, despite being illegal. Who's gonna hire IT guys in their 50s at our current salary level?

Many IT outsourcing disasters out there, AECOM is so far (years) behind the curve. How many companies INSOURCE IT after learning the hard way? GM, Delta, Ford, Starbucks, Caterpillar, Google, Disney, GE and many government agencies. C-level execs would spin it as "creating shareholder value", but this is corporate greed, plain and simple, and execs are only looking to make a quick buck for themselves with their stock options. Is top management so short sighted that they think anyone can pick up all these technical complexities in a matter of months? Typical F U to the rank and file while top execs enjoy their Malibu mansions, first-class international flights and fancy hotels.

Good luck to all affected...may we all land in places where the folks in charge are servant leaders, and not self-serving, greedy bastards. Well, hard to avoid it these days in the good ole USA when the worst example of greed is our did everyone's tweet to President Trump turn out? Deaf ears...who cares about those blue states and liberal Austin?

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How many employees affected?

What locations?

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It's too early for anyone to know what ratio of people IBM will allow to work remotely or in existing AECOM offices. We are only two weeks into the announcement, but this post acts as if it's a 100% certainty across the board.

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They Outsourced the IT Department to IBM for 4 months and then what? We get an offer of a job 100 miles away and if we don't accept we are Terminated without any sevrans pay for years of service. That sounds like how Management at AECOM works! Good Luck to ALL of Us!

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He doesn't give a sh-- about you or anyone else.

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Isn't this old news? #MAGA

AECOM outsourcing IT to IBM - it's happening people

AECOM has sold its soul to the Big Blue devil and over 800 IT jobs are going overseas. Where's @realDonaldTrump when you need him?

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