Thread regarding American Water Works Co. layoffs

American water full time employees layoff almost 30 people without notice .

Cherry Hill , NJ - American water full time employees layoff almost 30 people without notice .

Because of outsourcing ( Cognizant , Infosys )

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Everyone is uncertain what the actual plan is for IT at American Water. My advice, do not wait for this to happen and have a plan B. Either way the business is going to decide what is best for the business. Not us. That is just how the business world works. It does not matter if I agree with their decision or not. Our new CIO has a vision, but I am not at liberty to say or comment on what the plan is. Hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

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Radha is the CTO and he is main guy who has changed the strategy by bringing Indians company Congnizant and removing Accenture.

Congnizant and Infosy are employing people in India. Radha was part of one of these companies earlier. He is close to Susan Story who is CEO.

Just wondering how come a utility company like water which uses American water from American rivers and wells need Indian software company to do billing, claims, collections, customer calls etc.

American Water pays very less to call center employees , only people who could have got competitive salaries were IT and here comes Radha who have laid off people without notice. Someone should should take the CEO and CTO to court and then directly to Jail. Reason is simple :

It is insane that American Water is making profit from water. Tomorrow someone will make profit from Air?

Hello President Trump, next time you drink water remember American Water has done massive layoff. God Bless America and IT workers

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I worked with American water , Cherry hill , NJ office almost 12 years they given the one day notice.

Because of two Indian company's Cognizant Technologies and Infosys.

Please help american employees .

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