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Hey future colleagues! Enbridge here.

Thought I'd share some insights that I've seen brought up on here.

  • enbridge management is horrendous. Since our last round of layoffs, there's been a voluntary mass exodus. Many employees have been brought back as consultants at much higher rates after the company realized that "whoops, we had no idea what was going on, guess they were important"

  • the good news is that this has caused enbridge to slow way down on post merger layoffs. Expect to be strung along for most of 2017. Layoffs will probably heat up right before the holidays. That's been the MO 3 years in a row.

  • enbridge spends millions of dollars every year to ensure they're paying dead center of the market rate on salary. You all make way more than us - 10-20% depending on the Group. They probably won't cut your pay, but they will freeze it until we catch up (which will probably be a decade)

  • benefits are great. Best part about working at enbridge. Only good part? Lots of paid time off (1 day per month + 1 day per year + 22 days for 1-10 year employees). Good insurance, 401k with a good match.

  • new enbridge policy is that each manager needs 3 reports. Some groups were gutted strictly for the purpose of giving senior managers enough direct reports to continue justifying their salaries. If you have no direct reports, you'll probably be offered a demotion or a package.

  • watch the enbridge layoff page. Layoffs are always leaked there, down to the day. Should give you some idea.

  • in our limited experience so far, your management is way better than ours. We're getting the sense that most of the upper level management retained will be spectra. But maybe you're hearing the opposite.

  • we're all assuming we're going to move to your building. The way things go around here, there's a general sense that "if it's good for enbridge employees, it's not going to happen." We're all jaded, burned out, and incredibly cynical. Don't hold it against us when you first meet us. In the last 2 years, we've had 3 rounds of layoffs, plus another 2 rounds of people getting their jobs moved to Canada, been made to start paying for our parking, had our 9/80s taken away, not gotten raises, had our bonuses threatened. It's been rough.

  • we had 9:80s in Houston. Current president took them away. That decision was made at the Houston level, so shouldn't be anything stopping Yardley from giving them back if he believes in them.

  • standard peon level bonus is 10%. Big wigs obviously get much more. Bonus can shift 2-3 points in either direction based on individual performance (35%) and corporate performance. Almost always shifts up. New performance system this year as I'm sure you've heard.

Any questions just ask! I'll check in and respond.

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The initial merger announcement did say we have common cultures. Sounds like the IT groups will be BFFs

The revenue generating side of the company, Pipeline Operations, is very good, WorldClass and with low overhead . In the past they used to sandbag their annual budget but they've got that fixed.

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We don't have a competent IT group. We were all under the impression that your IT group would be a big upgrade and fix all of our IT problems. Oh bother.

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Concerning the Houston office location: I think we got an official email yesterday that it would be the Spectra building, in the Galleria. Do not believe any rumors that there are still pathogens in the ventilation system. That was back in the Duke Energy days when they used to raise extra $$$$ by renting us out for biological experiments for to the CDC.

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If you have a competent IT group either in the U.S. or Canada it would be a blessing for the Old Spectra. If Spectra's IT comes out on top, the New Enbridge will have a $$$ BLACK HOLE $$$ to pump money in to (we can always find a way to capitalize vs O&M it). On the up side it does provide a lot of jobs for consulting firms and we usually get it right on the third to forth try (UPGRADE). Al M. CEO mentioned " I understand you have issues with some of your systems" - ya think.

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