Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Sun is DEAD

I was RIFed, System group, Santa Clara CA. Major layoff. I was in Support. So if you expect support for Sun products it is highly unlikely you will get any. The Oracle Monkey is off my back.

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No personal info but are you customer facing support or dev? Any one from CR support rif'd?

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Solaris/Sparc support is horrible. Seems like all the good ones bailed earlier.

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Funny @LqXXMDd , put in a SR today and had no issues getting anyone to work the issue.

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@jcm you are the king of rumors that turn out to be true - keep them coming

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That's not allowed at this site, anyways - no naming names and sharing personal info, it would only get deleted.

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No one is provoding emp ID or manager. Nice try HR

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I posted the original thread.

Everyone cried at me that I was a shill

Everyone cried it was not true

It looks like I was correct.

You will be seeing similar cuts coming from HP and IBM in the coming months.

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Agree. Please provide your dept supervisor and employee ID to prove this is indeed correct.

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What kind of support org were you in? HW field delivery, remote SW support or backline development support?

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For this to be credible you need to provide more specific details

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Any sales team affected or just support/dev?

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