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Rise Up Losers

The worker is silent. After:

  • 450 layoffs,

  • 800 contractors axed,

  • 70 jobs sent to Indians.

  • training replacements.

  • 300 mil saved (per year).

  • customer service quality to drop 80%.

= 180 IT jobs cut,

  • 40% of IT jobs go to India.

  • TCS/Tata grabs the lion share.

  • 90 days to train replacement.

  • 110 to toil and train their replacements.

Begins on 1/23/2017, lasts 15 days to train Indians.

Long Live The American IT Worker.

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There is so much waste at PG&E. Million dollar projects that never get used like radio systems and pulled out once the depreciation for taxes is exhausted is the most ridiculous example I can think of. Others include more middle and upper management than workers. They have no other way to reward employees than to make them managers or principles. Saving 300 Million would be easy but first management would have to listen and this most current IT management hasn't listened since they showed up four years ago and treat it like Kmart.

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Co-worker just got laid off and I got threatened for the next go around. Nothing to do with skills or work quality. We just pointed out ways to be more efficient, but management didn't like it that we didn't agree with their bloated budgets with little outcome. CIO and several VPs seriously need to be audited.

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i contracted at pge. it was one of the most inefficient places i have ever seen. probably makes sense to outsource most of the work.

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