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A vast wasteland

havent been to frys for a year or so - most of my buing is online now becasue as of a yea ago - what I wanted was "out of stock" Well I happend to be in the neighborhood of the Campbell California sr and decided to stop in - wow it looks like a post apcalyptic scene with shelves half empty rows and rows of crap merchandies " as seen on tv" no supervisors anywhere 2 whole cashiers in a place that once had 30 . Only one person per department or less sine I couldnt find anyone in 2 departments- and this is on a rainy slow day so All I can say is if Fry's isn't going out of business - it should .

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@LriROyw ignorant opinion based comments lack some very basic retail logic. For example, 'as seen on TV' products are typically low cost promotional items to encourage shoppers into the store and most will make other purchases and/or share their positive experiences with friends or online postings. This drives traffic which in turn drives more sales & profitability.

The current staff in the Fremont & Palo Stores I shop appear to be very personal and professional in their product knowledge. Let's stick to the facts in these postings - please. Fry's & its employees deserve fair treatment.

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if the author could type a single sentence correctly I might believe this post, but since I did not see one line without typo's looked more like a whiney report from a ex employee!

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