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700 jobs to be cut - 2017

It's all over news, Microsoft is cutting about 700 jobs starting next week. No details yet, but I expect we'll know more next Thursday, after they report the quarterly earnings. I'm assuming this is part of a last year's plan to cut 2850 jobs. Don't know how many did they cut loose already, but I suppose it won't be the last layoff round this year. Good luck, everyone.

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Slowly moving more jobs to India.

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Any update on this?

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Be persistent, keep looking, you have the skill set.

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QBE department is all cut. I am now looking at other opportunities but as soon as I mention I am from the QBE I dont even get an informational. Really frustrating to see so many jobs listed but not getting any response.

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Half the very competent people on my team were laid off last year. Then magically, a bunch of openings for the exact same position opened up in Bangalore. None of those who remain are making more money. Everyone's working longer hours to accommodate the time difference with India, however. Does that make it clear what the layoffs are for?

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Some say they are laying people off so they can pay those who stay more, others say it's so that cheap labor can be hired instead... Time will tell. One thing's for sure, foreign hires tend to make less, and that information is published with the labor department for every employer in the US...

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The layoffs are so they can "update skill sets". That's another way of saying they're laying off those who are over 50. They say they can't find talent in the USA, but what they really mean is they can't find cheap talent. If you're over 50, you've worked your way up to a salary they don't want to pay. Take your generous layoff package if you want, but I smell class action lawsuit here.

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There will be many small cuts.

There is also 1500 open positions on linked in

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Our unit will be offshored , great news for Bagalore!!! 20k salary

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