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Large Layoffs

This is only if the proposal to close all Max stores is approved. The current cost analysis shows the company will never be able to afford changing all the stores over to the name Office Depot.

The talk of closing all Max stores was floated around during the Staples merger talks. There is a major chain of the "Party" variety that has interest in sub leasing many of the existing Max stores. Or portions there of. In areas where possible we may sublease up to 14,000 sq ft and run on a smaller 10,000 sq ft Depot concept in the existing Max space.

No furniture, some chairs, limited printers, no tech center, only self serve copies and faxing, and only the top selling office supplies, but full ink and toner pogs in the small concept.

Basically some of these Max stores are 26,000 sq ft and paying $36,000 a month in rent. Even the ones on month to month leases.

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They called it a "merge" but it really was a hostile take over. Depot cut everything and everyone that was the core of max. Didn't use anything max had going for them and still ran it the depot way. Thinking there selling model was way better but that was what was killing depot. It was to be hand and hand on building a better company. I worked both sides of depot/max and seen how what worked and didn't. There money needed to keep there copy center and stores staffed up. It's sad that 7/11 has more staff then depot/max does in the whole store. Cutting all staff but managers as part-time was a bad move. Corporate so busy looking at numbers there cutting what was help building the company. There will be no buyouts, no one in there right mind will want to touch this mess.

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The Depot don't care about their customers. No customer service. They are a fraud money hungry company. Selling us computer services that are not needed. (Fraud) based BBB. Trying to hard to ad their worthless warrantys. STAPLES is the new norm.

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The only reason depot has even survived this long is because of the "merge" between depot and max. Depot would have sunk two years ago, but merging with max pumped some cash into them and now all they want to do is take over the name and close the remaining max stores. Depot should be closing their own tired old stores and thanking the 1500 max hq employees who have lost their jobs over the past 3 years. Get used to unemployment, depot. that's where you're headed.

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