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Consider jumping ship

PR is hiring at what is now a very accelerated rate. We were told that we were augmenting, expanding the capabilities of CSC. Especially with a specific account. Not quite the bill of goods that we were told. I was looking at CSC as a way to move back up to the states but that is turning out to be like a Salmon swimming upstream.

I was trained by a person stateside who after three months was let go. She was a contractor but it still didn't feel good knowing a person was let go doing a job I now do. I too heard Mikey stating the goal was to move from 50% offshore/onshore mix to 75% offshore. At the same time work on "automation". I translate that to no one is safe especially those doing standard type, repeatable jobs. To "htt" sorry man, but this is not what we were sold. Doesn't pay the bills or feed the family but know that when I look in the mirror to know we are all replaceable.

I support Trump but the CSC/HPE merger has left the station and it is a little late in the game to change anything that is on the train now. Some DC changes now will affect things down the road. Trump is a human in a that proverbial swamp. I wouldn't look to him as some superhero with powers to just simply stop all that is wrong with the US right now. Expect push back. We saw some of that this past Saturday. (Don't underestimate them).

Cheaper labor. Mikey had PR at 65% of the US counterpart. Some bean counting there. (This is on the quarterly conference call, public info for all to see.)

We'll see how this plays out. Or for some take the advice from our soon to be counterparts from HPE. Consider jumping ship.

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No politics, just words for context.

Don't care what anyone thinks about Trump (or Hillary). Their opinion doesn't pay my bills nor affect my quality of life. Discussing that stuff is like flushing the toilet but the turd just keeps circling the drain. So no their will never be an attempt to convince you (or anybody else) otherwise.

I am working on my risk management plan for the CSC/HPE merge and its projected effect down here in Puerto Rico. I'm considering the possibilities, the probabilities, and the most likely based on similar situations in the past and will make the best decision(s) moving forward for me and my family.

I care less who occupies the mayors office, the governors mansion and the White House. They are not responsible for me nor my family. I care more for what I have control of and using that to provide for me and my family.

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Trump is crazy and anybody that does not see that will not be convinced. They need time. Time to see how his twitter diplomacy works out. Time to see what happens when a thin skinned narcissist is at the controls of the ultimate levers of power.

Populist outrage has a way of coming home to roost.

Don't bother replying to this because you won't convince me otherwise.

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A few things...

1-I live in Puerto Rico, it is not a state, I can not vote for US President, hence I could not vote for Trump. I specifically said that I support Trump (not voted for him). Even if I lived stateside that would not necessarily mean I voted for him. Lastly my comment is focused on the present and the future not what I would have done in November.

2-Manufacturing Jobs - yep I hope so, lots of them. Somebody needs to make the stuff we and others buy. Many moons ago a candidate for president talk about how we need to make things again. Make the things to sell to others in a global market. We need to be that country... again. And in those manufacturing plants, offices, etc are the folks who work the technology systems. We can better control where something is made vs where it can be administered. Its a start.

3-My comment about Trump was in reference to other comments in that other thread. The theme typically is a broad hope and support for what Trump can do. I was trying to be realistic about the current CSC/HPE merger and putting too much on a singular individual. I can talk politics and here aint the place. I know that.

4-"PR is the replacement location...." We were told that because of projected future work (as well as being for sale) we were to be a location to augment operations. We were misled.

5-ITAR - yes that is quite an advantage over the other locations like India, Costa Rica, etc...

No politics, just words for context.

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The original poster tried to state his case and RUMP attacked him over his political views. Not cool.

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You poor soul voting for Trump. He can't put together any detailed plans that are over his 160 character Tweet limit. His comment is to keep manufacturing jobs in the US not IT. This not the forum to discuss RUMP bit your brought it up. Hopefully he'll get impeached soon, cause he's a real nut case

PR is the replacement location for US onshore jobs because its a US territory and fits within the ITAR rules.

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Just an FYI for those reading the board, my post from the thread below was copied and pasted here as an original post. Not sure the reason why. The post was made as a comment relevant to the original post - Heard there will be layoff till March... and other posters.

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