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Office Space

In a nutshell, this is what they will telling everyone this Monday (1/30) regarding office space

(Upon close of the transaction, the business unit center for our combined gas business (excluding gas distribution) will be located in Houston in the current Spectra Energy corporate office at 5400 Westheimer Court, in the Galleria area

People based at the Enbridge building at 1100 Louisiana St. will relocate to 5400 Westheimer Court, and while we do not know the specific date of the move, we are planning for that to take place by the end of 2017, subject to close. No relocations will take place until after the transaction closes, expected to occur during the first quarter of 2017.

We anticipate that the Westheimer Court building will undergo some modifications to accommodate additional team members, and we will share more details about the relocation when they are known.

The move is an important part of ensuring we are able to fully integrate the two companies. It will bring everyone in Houston together, as the Westheimer Court building is large enough to accommodate the integrated Houston workforce. The move will also help achieve some of the financial targets related to the merger.

For those Enbridge employees now working in downtown Houston, this relocation represents a major change, but we will do our best to ensure a smooth transition when the move occurs. We also recognize modifications to the Westheimer Court building may create some inconveniences to those working there. We will work hard to minimize any disruptions.)

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Ross Perot who stated correctly ( third party candidate for US President in 1992 - he hated NAFTA ) -

" you are about here a loud s---ed sound" - but this this time it will come from the North not Mexico

Who ever is left at the NEW ENBRIDGE will have the super ability to both s--- and blow at the same time -AWESOME

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KIA-Spectra is such a cheap car that no country would want it jus like your beloved Spectra Energy Company-A

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ProtectionistA! Trump can also save your weak soul😂

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Since when has this site become a corporate announcement? They will not make room for everyone so be prepared to pack and say "bye bye". Start purging your office...

Enbridge started their so called cleaning house late in 2015, then again in 2016, so by the time they get to us after the merger, they will have had over 2 years of layoff experience. They won't have a drop of sweat or tear for any of us no matter what they claim about caring for their employees. The president of Enbridge, aka Al Monaco is all about $$$. The more he saves for the corporation, the more he makes for himself - that is how bonuses are set. Basically, the more of us go (layoff), the more millions he will have - sweet deal!

Good luck everyone to likely one of the worst year for Spectra!

May be Trump can issue an executive order to halt this deal? No foreigner can take over an American company.

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This post sounds like it is coming from one of the TRANSITION KAPOS or an HR TROOL (look up the definition on KAPOS).

" please comrades we need to be clean and friendly and make room for our new Enbridge coworkers, this way to showers,.the gas is for de-licing only.

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