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Lexington / Cebu Relationship and Future Layoffs

Upper management has made comment that they don't plan to replace people leaving Lexington, will increase headcount in Cebu to make up lost workers.

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I was one of the 2016 layoffs. Still so very angry, as my superior took my job, even though he has no experience, and the sales in that area have dropped 40%. I really enjoyed my time at Lexmark, great people , but the management team, especially in Canada has no vision. Partly to blame is the Lexington brass who try to pull the strings. There is a lot of people working there that are just along for the ride... I wonder, why is it, the people who should go, are usually the ones who don't get sent packing? Lexmark was a great place to be in 2012, 2013 and into 2014, then there was layoffs about twice a year after that.... A once great company, but no more

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Which is completely wierd because there is voluntary leave ongoing in Cebu.

Heard rumor last week that 500+ will be released from Lexington by end of November, the release has already started. Those persons will be replaced with Chinese temporarily in Lexington. One could assume the knowledge transfer will start the ultimate decline and eventual closing of Lexington site. 1 to 5 years range.

All this churn results from previous CEO, again just rumor, heard maybe he was stockpiling inventory making it look like sales were going good then the Chinese caught on to him. Not only were sales poor and now they have excess inventory they can't get rid of.

I think Lexmark will turn it around once they can get foothold in China but Lexington will be a sacrificial lamb. Probably the plan all along regardless what happened with previous CEO. Laser printers are commodity product nowadays, there hasn't been any major techonolgy advances in lasers in last ten years, why waste 500 million dollars per year when you could do that for a fraction of the cost in China and pocket the money.

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