Thread regarding W.W. Grainger Inc. layoffs

Grainger layoffs

Grainger & Slavik families have a exit plan like top 1%

or they have no

Idea GWW is going down .

If it's the latter they should FIRE their financial managers

A good analyst getting behind the SCREEN could expose the BS in a few days I only have a few K AT RISK


Would someone make them up

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Grainger sold? Can you confirm

Looks like Slavik is starting to

feel pain

Every $ down is $3M less.

YTD he lost over $250M

Any doubt now why Jim has dumped so much stock

Amazon is hiring

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You know it's a sinking ship when one their female executives decsribes one of her departments as "source of all evil", "adds nothing to the bottom line" "waste of time and energy" on a conference call with over 2500 participants. Then a few days later sends out an BS e-mail basically apologizing, probably because she was forced to. She might want to think about hiring a new speech writer or maybe even...practice your presentation before giving it. Obviously she's not as smart as she thinks she.

She honestly should have been let go from the company 10 minutes after the call. The company morale at every location could not be any lower. Sad part is that the execs in LF could care less. Reason why they don't care, because they know it's a sinking ship and the last thing they care about is the worker bees. Next 12 months will be very interesting. Keep up the great work DO .

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Sorry are they overcharging government or what? Not sure what you mean by comment.

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Grainger sold WOW

What did he do buy AMAZON ?

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From what I've seen, Grainger has sold most of his stock already. He used to own about 10% of the company.

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