Thread regarding State Street Corp. layoffs

So I guess union teachers feels so safe

In their jobs they can skip educating our children while collecting income from our very hard earned tax dollars to protest.

They should all walk a mile in our shoes at state street maybe they wouldn't be so cavalier.

As a female, am offended.

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Ha ha you are so brain washed by the Marxist left you don't even realize it

If you cut work you don't get paid

Teachers they are the biggest group of entitlements

How do I know I have five family members in education including myself for 15 years

Why'd I leave a cushy job

They whine too much

They should reimburse the tax payers for skipping school

Just call me INGRID. ;)

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"Get over your high and might leftist socialist call and stop blaming and being a victim" <-- Says the person playing SS victim

"The left loves to promote gas lighting" <-- You clearly don't understand what that term means.

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One world government

You want that?

You want your standard of living to drop like a rock?

Keep dividing yourselves and not only will get all that but austerity too.

Only a few will win that game

2% of banks money has to go to sharia law which also goes to extremist groups that don't suppress women but OPPRESS them to the Dark Ages

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Learn to co-exist it's not a he v she

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Hey men plan a nation wide day without men

This is nonsense dividing ppl by gender that's just hideous

How about all ppl at sst get together and rally it went no where last year

Hey hey ho ho J a y h has got to go

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Holy cow Bataan there's a lot of angry ppl on here.

How about they fight sharia law?

And as a female I have never ever been hindered by my gender stop the excuses do you know why we all make a low salary it's because sst is cheap make or female you all make the same

Stand up for equality teachers make 75-90 k full benefit package for 9 months of work

Get over your high and might leftist socialist call and stop blaming and being a victim

The left loves to promote gas lighting

And no I'm not an R I'm an independent

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@McBSmN6-1ucg, I tend to agree with you. Btw, you can refer to a poster by coping his/hers post ID, like I did with yours ( @1ucg works too). You can also format text. See #formatting

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To the poster above who posted that women have equality, I don't agree with that comment at all. I am an older women who graduated from college in 1978 and wrote a paper for one of my classes about the inequality of women in the workforce. As I recall, I interviewed several women of different educational backgrounds and at different stages of their career. They all agreed that most women make sacrifices throughout their career for their family that men don't and won't make. Anyway, in the many years that I have been in the workforce, I have experienced first hand the inequality that men don't experience. Many men who are in positions of authority just assume that a women has a man to support them so therefore, will work for a much lower salary. I have never earned what I should earn since I always made sacrifices for my family, first for my parents when they were both sick, and then for my sister who also recently passed way in 2013. I don't have any regrets, and am thankful that I was able to help my family members when they needed my help.

I agree with the poster above about organizing a-- employee strike. As a former employee of State Street, I know firsthand that top management doesn't care about the average worker at all and it is just about the bottom line. Actually, many of the large financial institutions don't care about the average worker and continue to keep firing the average worker and relocate these jobs to places like China, India or one of their global offices. I like the idea of someone organizing a strike at many of these financial institutions. It is the only way that this trend of sending jobs overseas will stop.

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So you think that people who (you think) have it relatively better than you have no right to stand up? Do you not know that the organizers of this event encouraged women who are in better positions to take a risk of skipping work to do so to speak up for those that can't? And that there are other ways to show solidarity -- such as not buying things today, or wearing red?

Would you be offended if a female restaurant worker huffed and puffed and said how cavalier it was for SS women to strike today, and should walk a mile in their shoes because they didn't have that luxury?

As a female, are you offended by making less than your male counterparts?

Should women at SS be okay that not only do they not make a lot of money here, but also make less than men for the same jobs?

The tragic thing here is that posters complain incessantly on this board, hey hey ho ho-ing about JH having to go, even mention striking. Okay then, how about work together and organize an actual SS employee strike. Anyone with the cajones to organize and do this? Actually try to make a big splash?


Didn't think so.

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Shouldn't we be working together instead of dividing? Seems more practical and beneficial united we stand together as men and women.

This isn't the suffrage movement women have equality. No one at sst makes a lot money male or female, regular workers that is.

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S o r o s funded it with $250 million

Can you imagine how much good that money could go to?


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