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Layoff Announcements May be Delayed

I don't know how much longer I will be a Unum employee as our CIO referenced employee communication by the end of 1Q would happen. This week in an all employee town hall meeting, our VP of IT Operations indicated that It may be weeks away. It seems like they may be waiting on something, or they ran into a snag. We can only hope it is the latter.If anyone has a way to get this to our elected officials, maybe we could find one that the Unum PAC doesn't have in their pocket.

There are many interesting parallels in history that document how evil people corrupted regimes, countries and subjugated their people. While this does not rise to that same level of evil, it is treacherous nonetheless.

Our Board of Directors is complicit. Our CEO is complicit. All of the executives have bought into this scheme to generate some positive balance sheet numbers for the company in the immediate short-term at the expense of their employees, their customers, their long-term success and reputation.

I wonder how our customers will react when "Hello, this is Michael from Unum, how may I help you?" is heard over the telephone with an obvious foreign accent? I'm guessing that they may be challenged to clearly understand and communicate. They will probably also be concerned about their most private medical details relating to their disability claim being handled overseas.

I don't see how HIPAA applies in India. Just watch as history repeats. Unum's bottom line numbers will look good initially, then the decline in customer service will begin to impact business and the outsourcers will begin to start billing Unum for services not explicitly defined in the contract until the company loses far more money that it "saved" during the first year of the contract.

Watch closely in year 3, as that is most likely when the newly promoted SVP and Chief Supply Officer, will jump ship before it hits the iceberg and find his next victim.

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