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Does that make it clear what the layoffs are for?

Half the very competent people on my team were laid off last year. Then magically, a bunch of openings for the exact same position opened up in Bangalore. None of those who remain are making more money. Everyone's working longer hours to accommodate the time difference with India, however. Does that make it clear what the layoffs are for?

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Same here, we lost 6 out of 14 last year - we will see what fy2018 brings

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Stop assuming the Execs want the company to succeed, and all makes sense.

2017 is the year it all comes tumbling down. The "recovery" was nothing more than loose credit, trillions in debt and Monopoly money printed by the FED.

Now comes the real collapse, that should've happened in 2008, but was kicked down the road until now.

MSFT heads know this well, they have taken their profits in stock options and sold them, so it is time to bury the company, along with the entire economy.

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