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Cargill Layoff Spin

Management will still spin it as "doing more work in fewer places." I'm sure that's part of it, but (IMHO) the biggest part is the bottom line. Making billions isn't enough, apparently. The ironic thing is our group HAD a shared service function... it was in Fargo. If it were truly about doing more work in fewer places, management could have made changes in Fargo and did the work there to support North America.

I am admittedly bitter about this whole situation, even after being separated from Cargill for several months. My career had been mapped out and my manager was preparing me to take her place when she retired in a few years. I loved my job and the people I worked with; as far as I'm concerned, corporate greed took that all away. The "bottom line" is ALL management cares about (certainly not the lauded "Guiding Principles" that they like to hold up as an example of how great the company is).

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The disorganization and incompetence of shared services is killing morale internally and infuriating external customers and vendors. I came here hoping for a long term career but now im not so sure anymore.

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