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2017 Lay-Off Headcount Reduction Phase I

Korry Electronics Division walked out 19 employees on June 6th, 2017. Both, full time direct hire and contractors and temps were walked out without notice during a headcount reduction effort. More layoffs are rumored to be on the way. Many people have been quitting and / or being walked out since last year.

Their HR Department has been gutted after everyone that was there in 2014 has fled to other companies. A number of Program Managers have quit. A number of engineers who've been there for almost 30 years have up and quit and fled to competitors. Quality department has been reduced as well as quality inspectors, DMIR FAA people, machinists, designers, software engineers to EEs have quit and gone elsewhere or retired early as well.

The President of the platform up and quit a few months ago while the VP left the scene after becoming disgruntled and beat down by Big Corp.

The VP of Operations quit and fled to another competitor about six or eight months ago.

The manager of engineering was walked out.

The former manager of engineering quit without notice and also, without another job due to hating the place so bad after putting in numerous hours overseas helping them offload and transfer other product lines into the plant.

Management is non-existent and is causing the plant to literally, lose revenue and go south. Moral is at an all time low.

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Was not surprised or saddened at all that the VP of Ops in CDA was let go. Long time coming

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Same happening to us at Advanced Input in Coeur d Alene, ID today 10-5-17. 32 people were grabbed at random and escorted out of the building. A lot were people that has been with the company 15+ uears New president Joe plan on cutting cost as well as raise freeze. I bet he never offered to cut his own over paid salary to help with cost reduction. He also fired 2 VP that were there for about 20 years 2 weeks before this.

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