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Horrible place to work

I worked for a division of scotiabank as a supervisor. The upper management team was horrible and disrespectful and seemed to take great pleasure in putting us down and literally making us cry. They never wanted to listen to those on the front lines about programs or initiatives and did what they wanted. They brought in a horrible program that tanked our division. They over-hired in for supervisors in our department even though they were told we didn't need so many. In the end, they had to cut one. I had been there the longest, knew the most and was more respected than the manager. So guess whose position they abolished..yep..mine. Not the most recent sup who actually s---ed at her job. Management at scotiabank likes people who s--- up and play dumb. They don't like out spoken people. Steer clear of this employer. They are cheap and only care about themselves.

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now that makes sense....he came from scotia....makes people cry

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WOW.. you nailed it they don't like people that know what they are doing I agree I also got

let go and another 80 people this week. I worked with one person every day was a new day

I use to ask him do you not make notes do you not remember what you did yesterday.

They love the ones that come in to train for free from the schools and on contract so they don't have

to pay benefits how can these employees survive it peanuts.

This year they started farming the work out to other countries which is also cheaper.

This procedure has been taken on by the majority of banks.

Definitely stay clear of this bank .

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