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Layoffs will happen, if involved, be nice

Look, layoffs will always be happening - they're going to lay people off again.

That's not going to change. But what the managers can control is what they say in the layoff meeting. What words they use. What their body language says. The message should be, "we really value your contributions. honestly. and we're really sorry to do this. it's only b/c we have to. believe it or not, this is really hard on us." My managers were the opposite: cold, glared at me, made it sound like it was my fault. Never once mentioned that every single written review I ever got was above target.

Seized my badge, kicked me out onto the sidewalk. That's what I'm asking the Medtronic management to not let happen to anyone again.

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Deal with it? I'd like to hear you say that if you were losing your job. Omar is making 40 million plus yearly. We make that in one day at our warehouse but yet they are going 3PL. If that's not corporate greed I don't know what is. I've been there 20 years just to get the boot. Hope they go under!

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There is no "Nice" in business, you can get "nice" at home or at school but not in a publicly traded company.

We are here to make money. Deal with it.

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