Thread regarding Infosys layoffs

forced resignation after being prevented from getting allocated to project by red flagging on system

Layoffs and forced resignations the false label of being highly paid hurting IT Pros.

IT pros salary levels have stagnated for more than decade and are far below the level in finance and manufacturing sector. Considering the high risk of knowledge obsolescence we deserver atleast 5 times the pay that is paid currently and atleast 30% less work hours as it is intellectual work.

companies are using nasscom to mislead government that IT worker are lazy .

Start writing to PMO on horrible working conditions and corruption and kick back in recruitment an promotion and layoffs.

A lowly factory worker who does same this in the same way for decade get lot of freebies and lot respect and handsome compensation even during layoff with government interfering at every point.

WE IT pros are always humiliated for 1%things that we not yet know by are not even recognized for the 9(% things that we do right.

Only fools can compare factory prouction line with software development, an demand similar treatment of IT pros, when an indian version of automobile that is already running in japan takes 3 years to develop and launch.

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