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Massive Layoffs at IDG this week

I heard that 90 members of the editorial staff across all publications have been let go, including Editors in Chiefs. Sad day.

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It is because you believe in your CEO that you are employed. Contrary opinions and editorial freedom meat we no longer has a place.

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call me a loser troll ..... who still has a job. Maybe if the people posting on here showed some respect it would be different. Attacking a strong CEO personally will not be accepted. We (actual current employees of IDG) believe in our leader and respect him. So if you want to continue to badmouth good IDG people, maybe you should forfeit your severance.

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Companies need to evolve or they die. One of the painful truths many of us need to face is that the jobs we did yesterday are not as valuable as they are today. It's important to reskill and be ready to pivot in your career. These (former) editors are all very aware that the advertising rivers of gold are finished - destroyed by Google, Facebook etc.. It isn't hard to do the math that if the role of editorial is to create content, and content no longer makes money, then the role of editorial needs to change. The world owes nothing to any of us. Take an objective look at your career and ask how you can be indispensable. If the answer is that you aren't indispensable then don't be surprised when the company sacks you. And by "don't be surprised" I mean "be ready for your next move".

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It must hurt you to know that I am an actual employee making 5 figures, not 6. No I am not some spin master or corp head posting this, I am an actually employees who works at IDG and appreciates that Mike F is a great leader. Cry all you want, and slander all you want, but keep cashing those severance checks though. I have never seen a more classless bunch of people than those who were laid off who post on here. You do understand businesses are run to be profitable, correct? It's not play group. Sorry that you expect to sit around and get paid to do nothing or collect a check when that's not realistic. You need to produce. If you were laid off, maybe you need to look in the mirror.

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Story in the Boston Globe:

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I agree with what the person said below about Mike Friedenberg - He is a great CEO. Yes, I am still employed at IDG and a real employee myself, and it's a shame that the group of people who were laid off yesterday cant act like adults and just "take the loss". These people posting all this negative crap are just proving that IDG did the right thing yesterday. Seems like what we lost was just a bunch of entitled people. Not a loss for the company if you asked me.

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Awful sour grapes on these message boards from a bunch of immature folks who were laid off. Yes, layoffs are tough but Michael Friedenberg is an absolute class act. Take it from someone who actually works at IDG and has for a decade plus. He cares about his people. He is transparent. He is honest. Business can be tough sometimes. Grow up you children.

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The first news article with official comments is up:

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IDG was once the place to work! It was a fun family atmosphere under Pat McGovern's leadership. After the 2001 dot com crash, management at 5 Speen Street transitioned into an authoritative style. After 23 years of faithful service, I was laid off due to budget cuts. What was most upsetting that day was being told by the HR representative that I could say my good bye's but had to be off the property by noon! RIP Pat. You are missed!

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IDG is expected to make an announcement today about it's new strategy going forward.

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Cuts across the company, not just editorial -- IDG is trying to become a centralized company. People let go in sales, edit, corporate marketing, research, etc. Should hit the Boston business news today.

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Of course Michael Friedenberg has his job. Not new behavior he has laid off lots of folks for years to achieve numbers and bonus. IDG's problem is sacrificing content and innovation. Improves the bottom line but no growth.

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How many mass layoff events has IDG had?

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Same happened at ZD in '08. All the cuts across the board were most senior (highest paid) staff. Things went south pretty fast after that.

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I'll bet Michael Friedenberg still has his job. Awful person. Would fire his mother to make the numbers and preserve his bonus.

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Is it just editorial? What about Sales, Events ... ?

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The count I hear is 94, across all pubs. All EICs are gone. Most of the cuts came from the top i.e. most expensive/senior/oldest. It's hard to understand how many of these brands will continue.

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Is there going to be anybody left if they cut 90? Didn't know they had that many in editorial after all of the other layoffs in the past 15 years

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I am hearing the same - I left in 2015 but there is nothing in the media.

I am hoping that some folks will chime in here.


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